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Two-thirds of drivers 'unaware' of new EU tyre labelling regulation, say Continental

A recent survey from Continental tyres reveals that as many as two-in-three motorists are entirely unaware of the new EU tyre labelling regulation introduced at the back end of 2012.

The ruling was introduced on 1st November 2012 as means of rating tyres for their fuel efficiency, grip in wet driving conditions and external noise. The investigation from Continental found that over half of its respondents (52 per cent) would not be influenced by the new ratings.

Peter Robb, brand manager at Continental tyres, believes the rating of tyres is a significant step in the right direction for manufacturers and drivers all round and predicts motorists’ awareness will heighten as the law becomes more commonplace.

"It’s the biggest thing to happen to the industry for quite a while and it seems to be passing a few people by," he said.

"If you’re only in the market for new tyres every two years it could be a year-and-a-half before you’re exposed to the tyre labelling. I think if we did the test in two years’ time the awareness level would be quite high."

A fifth of respondents to Continental’s survey admitted they found the tyre labelling confusing, while a quarter of those surveyed revealed they had other considerations to take into account when purchasing new tyres such as buying from a trusted dealer.

Many drivers invariably opt for price over fuel efficiency and external noise, with the cost of motoring as high as it has ever been. In order to secure a good deal some motorists are happy to purchase part-worn tyres from used car parts dealers.

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